Commercial License Advantages

What are the advantages of acquiring a commercial license?

Promotion to a Loyal and Trustworthy Audience

By acquiring our commercial license, you gain an extraordinary privilege of featuring and exposure. We will leverage our YouTube channels to boost the visibility of your work with the licensed product. In our official store, we will highlight commercial license holders and their contact information to drive sales. Imagine your name and contacts being promoted to a loyal and trustworthy audience, encouraging sales of the chosen project and other products you offer in your online store. This is your chance to stand out and reap the rewards.

*To be promoted on our channels and our page, your product must pass our quality assessment process.

Freedom for Unlimited Use

With our commercial license, you have complete freedom to print, assemble, and sell the final product of the licensed project, including for commercial use. There are no limits on quantity, providing the flexibility you need to expand your horizons and business.

Total Control with Fair Restrictions

We value the integrity and value of your work; therefore, our license includes fair restrictions. You will not be allowed to share the project files in whole or in part. You can share only the files you've created to extend the project functionalities with proper attribution regarding the original project. These conditions preserve the authenticity of the original work and help foster new projects where you can also be a partner and generate income.

Intellectual Property Protection

By choosing our commercial license, you safeguard your investment and the project's intellectual property. We prohibit the distribution, sale, lease, sublicense, donation, or exchange of the digital files of the 3D model and project files. These conditions ensure that you will be selling a legally licensed product.

Guaranteed Legal Compliance

Our commercial license has been carefully crafted to ensure legal compliance. By choosing our license, you eliminate legal concerns and provide peace of mind when printing, assembling, and selling the final product (or kits for final assembly) or your adaptations and customizations.

Support and Updates

By acquiring the commercial license, you can access project support and updates. This ensures you are always ahead, benefiting from improvements and new features we may add to the project.
Additionally, you can become part of an exclusive group of commercial license holders on our Discord Server; there, you can rely on networking opportunities provided by our collaborative community, expanding your options by sharing experiences, clients, and business opportunities.
* Updates do not include continuous improvements that may become new products in the Digital Inventor store, such as electronics, codes, etc.

Added Value

The commercial license not only grants specific permissions but also signifies that you are investing in a unique and exclusive product. Our projects are innovative, and by acquiring our license, you will support the creation of innovations while also elevating the level of your portfolio.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When considering the purchase of the commercial license, think of it as a long-term investment. With the freedom to print, assemble, sell, and adapt the licensed project unlimitedly, and as you expand your business opportunities, every step you take enhances the potential for earnings, turning this license into a source of long-term financial benefits.

Expand Your Horizons

Investing in our commercial license allows you to print, assemble, adapt, and sell the licensed products unlimitedly to anyone interested in acquiring the final product or the entire assembly kit. This enhances and diversifies your portfolio, allowing you to improve your offerings and grow your business.


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